Centurion Magazine - 100 all'ora

Centurion Magazine - 100 all'ora

Touring Italy by car can be one of Europe’s great pleasures, but do you really want to drive the Via Chiantigiana in a Chevy Spark from Hertz Italia? Instead, you could be cruising in a Ferrari GTC4Lusso thanks to 100 All’ora, a two-year-old company that offers custom driving tours aboard super cars and vintage roadsters.

The Rome-based outfitter lets you choose from Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Maseratis as well as less testosterone- fueled classics like the Fiat 500. “We want people to experience Italy’s roads the way they were meant to be experienced—in a great car, preferably one made by an Italian company,” says cofounder Andrea Benedetti.

This does not mean hot-rodding the Grande Strada delle Dolomiti like Mario Andretti. The name 100 All’ora (“100 an hour”) refers to kilometers, not miles, which equates to 60 miles per hour—the ideal speed, according to Benedetti, for road-tripping through Tuscany, the Lake District, or whichever part of the country you prefer.

100 All’ora will transport your luggage separately, provide on-the-go maintenance, and organize visits to castles and wineries. From $41,500 for a seven-day Tuscan road trip in a new-model Ferrari or Lamborghini, including accommodations, private transfers, and tours; 100allora.com. — Ben Ryder Howe

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